See You in September

I’m sitting here late at night, on a beach in Puerto Rico, listening to the waves slap against the shore, and I’m strangely preoccupied with thoughts of home. Not that I’m anywhere near ready to go back (and actually, I still have a few more days here), but already I’m thinking with anticipation of what I want to accomplish when I get home.

Maybe it’s because I just marked another birthday, or because I’m nearing the end of my #BirthMonthFestivities, or maybe just because it’s Friday. I’ve never really needed much of a reason to declare a do-over. I love the idea of fresh possibilities, wiping the slate clean and starting over with new intentions, new motivations, unencumbered by past failures and missteps.

I’ve always been this way. I was the kid who loved September and the beginning of a new school year. (Go ahead, say it. I was a weird kid.) But there was something about new clothes and school supplies, the chance to meet new people and have new experiences that made me giddy. It was always more of a “fresh start” than even New Year’s Day.

So here I am on the brink of September, feeling like that little kid again as I remember the excitement of autumns past. What I need to do now is channel all this energy and narrow down my ideas to just a few specific goals to focus on (instead of spreading myself thin as usual). But maybe I’ll wait until vacation is actually over before I tackle that part. I still have some more holiday mischief to get into first. ;-)

~ CoconutChica

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2 Responses to See You in September

  1. Monica says:

    Now that’s a way to celebrate your birth month!

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